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Andro Temper Tech ALL+
Perfect for controlled operating game. Refi ned by a high-quality Hinoki outer ply. Created for players wanting to play a precise return, even when the ball is ...
Andro Temper Tech OFF-
The thin Mahagoni outer ply is not only an optical highlight: out-standing marks in control are combined with the power of a strong Kiri-center ply. The perfect ...
Andro Temper Tech OFF
The strong Kiri-wood centre ply leads to an optimum of power-strokes, while fl exible outer plies create perfect conditions for gently topspin strokes. A classic offensive wood, ...
Andro Temper Tech OFF+
The only TEMPER TECH model with a powerful Limba outer veneer. A blade with extreme dynamic and impressive reserves in speed, especially during all strokes from half-distance. ...

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