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Andro Rasanter V47
Andro Rasanter V47 supports players who prefer a modern offensive game close to the table with short fast tops and improve the effectiveness of their attacks.
Andro Rasanter V42
Andro Rasanter V42 - high-speed rubber for a flat, straight and fast flight curve. A sponge with a hardness of 42 ° compensates for inaccuracies at the ...
Andro Rasanter R50
The Rasanter R50 racket is the latest and unique development by Andro. This pad is designed for skilled masters in order to compensate for the shortcomings of ...
Andro Rasanter R47
Adjustment Andro Rasanter R47 is a development of 2017 aimed to play with powerful rotations with a reliable contact of the racket with the ball in the ...
Andro Rasanter R42
The Andro Rasanter R42 with a 42 degree rigidity is good for players who play combined tennis from passive offensive. Often, professional players take a given stiffness ...
Andro Rasanter R37
The new Andro Rasanter R37. Rotating upper rubber for a studded flight curve and optimum grip. Soft soft sponge 37 ° focuses on ball control and error ...

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