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Andro Super Core Cell OFF+
The SuperCore CELL OFF+ is a very fast offensive blade, yet it is easy to play with. It requires the player's full commitment to completely activate the ...
Andro Super Core Cell Carbon OFF
By the use of Hi-Tec carbon fibres the andro product developers could build a blade which conveys a solid stiffness but does not yet feel too hard ...
Andro Super Core Cell OFF
The thin outer veneers have a particularly positive impact in this OFF version and create a higher rebound effect. With this blade the player chooses a fantastic ...
Andro Super Core Cell OFF-
The CELL OFF- combines the power of an offensive blade with the fantastic feeling for the ball known from an allround wood - therefore the ideal choice ...
Andro Super Core Cell ALL+
With this 7-layer Allround+ blade andro has created a powerful blade with strengthened fibre layers. The basic idea for this blade's construction was finding a perfect mix ...
Andro Super Core Cell ALL
Who ever tested different allround blades knows that they are not constructed the same at all. Only the exactly correct blade will lead the player to victories. ...

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