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Andro Kinetic Supreme Carbon OFF
Preference is with the direct touch, being characteristic forCarbon constructed blades. The player benefits an exact ballcontact feedback and, because of the high basic speed character, is ...
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF- Z-Hightech Fibre Hinoki
andro is celebrating a premiere by introducing KineticSupreme OFF- Zylon/Hinoki constructed blade: An extrasmooth and feelingly touch of a Hinoki wood combinedwith hardness and stability of a ...
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF
A clear recommendation for the spin-orientated modernoffensive player: A Koto/Ayous veneer combination standsfor excellent ball feeling and control without lacking enoughpower for offensive action. The high ball ...
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF-
An optimum blade for offensive players. Unifying speed,control, margin of error and ball feeling was the target whendeveloping the Kinetic Supreme OFF-. The Kiri core veneeris the ...
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+
andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+ is more than just an extension of the successful Kinetic Supreme blade line. Far from it! andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+ is a killer ...
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Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL+
The right choice for the allround player who often tends tooffensive action. In fact, this is by tendency more an offensiveblade having its advantages because of superb ...
Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL
Classical Allround blades are usually developed with thefocus of giving the player best possible control. KineticSupreme ALL blades are produced in 7-ply structure of rareand very slight ...

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