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Andro Rasant

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Temp: 111
Control: 82
Hardness: medium
Effect: 110

Can this rubber bear a different name than this?
Certainly not - in case of andro's new top rubber Rasant the name says it all. Maximum acceleration and immense power are stuck in the poisonous green colored sponge with built-in Tensor effect. The new top sheet impresses with its varying topspin performance - always combined with high ball control. If you are fast enough for this high end rubber, then we've got a breathtakingly rasant experience for you!
Fast, faster, RASANT!
Experience RASANT's compact play feeling caused by the unique, fine-pored green sponge!
Disarm your opponent's spin by using the newly developed RASANT top sheet and kick-start your own, more dynamic topspin!
Step up your stroke efficiency! Trigger toxic, better spins with an aggressive spin curve!
Change the game to your favor! Take your performance to a higher level! Play RASANT by andro!

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