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Andro History


In the world of table tennis there are names with high authority and a great confession. On the one hand the players: champions of the world, Europe, the Olympic Games, on the other - manufacturing companies, which produces a modern and comfortable equipment for the players. Why is it convenient, you ask. Yes, it's simple. Each player has enough technical marriage, which is not reflected in the result of the game. Good and proper inventory is primarily your comfort and confidence. Comfort is provides convenience and victory  confidence. These qualities are important in table tennis and it is these qualities Andro pay attention.


90 years, was already one of the world's biggest shopping tennis company "Schoeler-Micke" started production equipment under the name of its brand. Sell ​​all the leading tennis companies was not as interesting as the Company started the production. What did they have in mind? Perhaps the Germans were marketing policies, and thus tried to advertise his name to the whole world. They have a very good work out. No one remembers the time when the goods are brand Schoeler-Micke disappeared from store shelves. That was when it was new to replace the old - in the world of table tennis in the future appeared authoritative name-Andro. Now for many of us is above all Andro reliability and consistent quality. Many years later, after the German brand in the tennis market, fans of table tennis has never questioned the quality of their products. Each new season Andro indulges us not just new products, and the high-tech products. Sportswear Media player not in the quality and style of any of the known world leaders sportswear. Last published plate Andro Rasant created a splash in the world of table tennis, and a proven Hexer yet no one to take their positions. The same can be said about the reasons: Kinetic Supreme, Super Core Cell and Super Core Carbon Light - quite popular and proven foundation


In such a short time to bring the manufacturer to a leading position in the world table tennis is not easy. All this, you see, the result of a great and responsible work. 


Great attention is paid German manufacturer of children's sports. Established sports clubs. Many promising young players have been taken for funding. 


Andro is exclusive match clothing supplier for Asia table tennis team. Multiple German champion, winner of the World Championships and European Christian Sus, preferring Andro, is the face of the company, not less eminent German, 14th world ranking number Wu Jiaduo - muse of the brand.


Is now impossible to imagine the modern table tennis without Andre.


Andro does everything that you and I get real pleasure from time spent in the room. 

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